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Friday, 6 January 2012

My blogging and reading goals 2012

It's that time of the year where it's out with the old and in with the new and we decided what we want this year to be like for use. So I've come up with some goals and resolutions regarding the blog that i'm bringing in immediately. 

Since I only started blogging this time last year I didn't have any goals or anything like that I just came into the whole thing feet first not really knowing what I was doing and just winging it, hoping i was doing it right. I was on again off again, I wasn't consistent, I didn't take it as seriously as I should have done and how i wanted to but that changes NOW. I want to be reliable, I want to be consistent and I want to be a more efficient blogger. So to achieve this I've set myself a few goals and schedule's to get me to where I want to be.

Reading Goals 2012

  1. I'm going all out with a reading challenge of 100 books this year! yes I know this may not seem like a lot of books to most of us, but I have to take work into consideration. I work 5 days a week, all day and don't have a lot of time to myself at the moment, so 100 books is a lot when you think about work.
  2. I've challenged myself to read 15 debut authors this year. 15 is the minimum obviously, more than likely it will be more.
  3. I also want to read 10 sophomore authors. Like above 10 is the minimum, this is likely to be higher when I've done.
Blogging Goals 2012
  1. Stick to my schedule! Schedule at the bottom of this post.
  2. Be more reliable, be consistent! don't be flakey, don't go missing for weeks at a time.
  3. I'm changing my rating system from out of 5 to out of 10. The reason for this is simply that 5 is way to hard to work with. Books are that different that to give all good books a 4 or a 5 for me isn't right. So now with the 10 it will make giving a book a rating so much more reliable and more truthful.
  4. At the beginning of each month I'll post a 'This Months Reading Pile' post with my pre-chosen books that i'll be reading in that month. This is to cut down on the time i spend wasting trying to choose a book to read. It will also let my readers know what to look out for and what's coming up soon. This is subject to change only in specific situations like if i receive an ARC and it needs to be read.
  5. I need to be more involved in the community. Communicate more, make more friends, just generally being more involved and more of a part of this great community.
  6. Make my own features, come up with post ideas and just bring awesome to the blog.
  7. Actually use my YouTube channel. Make videos. Expand my blog and name. 
  8. Grow my readers and engage with them more. Get them more involved. (not literally plant them and wait lol, get more awesome people to follow me and read all of my crazy thoughts. get them involved by getting them to choose books, give me ideas just listen to what they have to say).
  9. Better my reviews, my writing skills and just continue to grow and become better.
  10. Like I've said before take my blog sooo much more serious.
  11. Continue to grow my publicity contacts and keep them up to date with my reviews for them.
My Blog Schedule (More will be added this is just a starter)

Mon: Review
Wed: Books to pine for/waiting on wed.
Fri: Review
Sun: In my mailbox.

Things will be added to this, this is just a starter schedule. 
At the start of each month on the 1st I'll be doing the 'This Months Reading Pile'.

OK so this has been my long long list of goals and changes so thanks for getting to the end...if you did and I'll stop my rambling and let you go.


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  1. While there's a lot in this post worth comment, I just wanted to say that a 100-book goal for 2012 doesn't seem paltry to me! I'm aiming for 50 and won't likely hit that. :)


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