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Review Policy

I'd like to start by saying as a dedicated book addict I purchase a lot of book. A lot more than I can actually afford. Unless I state so in a review I have purchased the book myself.

Please note that I live in the UK.

I am more than happy to receive review request from publishers and authors. This blog is mainly dedicated to Young Adult fiction, but I will consider Adult books in certain genres.
I do accept copies of books for review. Although I will only accept hard copies, not e-books or PDF. I will accept hardbacks, paperbacks or any other form of hard copies. I also host contest, conduct author interviews and participate in weekly meme’s.

You should know that my reviews are 100% honest and original. If I didn’t like a book I will state that fact, but also back it up with reasons. I will never be nasty about a book, I will simply state that the book wasn’t for me and why. On the other hand if I loved the book and thought it was outstanding I will give it the praise it deserves. This is not to pick favourites or hurt people’s feelings; I just give honest opinions.

The types of Genre’s I enjoy are Young Adult (I will most likely accept most YA novels). I will also accept some children books depending on the age range. I enjoy historical fiction and several other genres. Feel free to ask even if I have not listed the genre here.

I try to review books around the time of their release date. If you are sending me an advanced copy I will post the review within the month of the book hitting the stores. If you are sending a finished copy I will have the review done within the month it was sent to me. The time periods I have stated stand for all books I receive unless you would like otherwise. But I do not offer any guarantee.

My reviews will be posted on my blog and on goodreads. I will also send whoever contacted me about the review a link to the review.

This policy is subject to change at any point and time without any notice.

To get in touch with me email me at:
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